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"As an employment attorney, I have worked closely with Warren for well over 10 years on a wide array of employment related matters.  I have always found Warren to be a very dedicated and knowledgeable HR professional who can quickly assess a situation and determine the appropriate course of action.  Warren is very pragmatic, demonstrates outstanding skills interacting with people at all levels of an organization, and is respected for his decisiveness and problem solving abilities.  Warren is very adept at conducting internal investigations and is one of the finest trainers I've ever observed."  
Eric P. Berezin
Ogletree Deakins



It all seems so simple.  It's just common sense.  So... why are there so many cases and awards?


Some recent court and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) awards:


 •Mid West Medical Center: $900,000 age discrimination


 •Government human services department: $1,200,000 race and gender discrimination


 •Major warehouse and distribution company:  $500,000 refusal to promote a qualified female


and it goes on and on!



"Let the Krompf group LLC   assist you and your organization"



Warren Krompf is a trained mediator by the Office of the Arizona Attorney General


Even after the most comprehensive training, at times a complaint about an alleged workplace harassment, discrimination or retaliation issue arises.



This complaint should be taken very seriously by your organization and investigated immediately!



the Krompf group LLC, is an experienced impartial third party consultant who has conducted

thorough investigations which will:



  • Lessen the distractions to your organization

  • Provide management with the information necessary to determine whether harassment, discrimination or retaliation occurred and,


  • And if so, what corrective measures are appropriate under the circumstances




Workplace Investigations

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