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"Warren Krompf was a member of a roundtable group of senior HR Executives that I direct at Georgia State University in Atlanta GA for 8 years. Membership in this group is by invitation, and members are nominated by other members based on their experience and wisdom. Warren always delivered exceptional value at the meetings; he is an experienced executive who is able to translate how he leads into meaningful learning for others. He made a meaningful contribution to this group."


Deborah Butler, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management,

J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University. 

Director, GSU HR Executive Roundtable



What is Your Time Style? 

It’s Not Just A Matter Of Private Planning!

It’s A Matter Of Personality Style!


This is not your typical time management workshop. If you are trying to learn how best to work with your day timer or outlook this course is not for you! Traditional time management models seem to neglect the unique contributions that different personality styles bring to effective management of your time


During this workshop you will:

  • Discover how to interact with other styles so that you can work more effectively and efficiently

  • Identify which of the four time styles is your primary time style

  • Learn how to capitalize on your strengths and overcome your trouble spots 




Principles of Adult Mentoring


Some people are successful mentors and some should not be mentors at all. Developing a realistic portrait of mentoring behaviors are most important for maintaining successful relationships


During this workshop you will take a specific mentor behaviors assessment to:

  • Evaluate your own behavioral competencies as a mentor

  • Create a model of your workplace mentor role

  • Immediately apply your mentoring learnings in the workplace




Powerful Presentations!


"Nervous, fear, actually paralyzed."  Those are some of the common themes even the most senior executives use when they are about to deliver a presentation.  This workshop will help you step out of your comfort zone to be able to deliver. "Powerful Presentations!"


During this workshop we will show you how to overcome:

  • The nervousness

  • Your hands flying in the air

  • Speed speaking 

  • The knocking knees


And many more..... 


  • Executive Coaching

  • Superior Facilitation Skills

  • Successfully Handling Change

  • Train the Trainer



We always work together to customize our workshops to your specific needs, budget and culture!









Personal Development

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