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"I had the pleasure of working with Warren as a team leader as he brought two diverse teams to the finals of the Team Excellence awards at the American Society for Quality and later as the Chairperson of the awards committee where he was instrumental in growing our program and training many of our judges and organized and led strategy meetings.  He has the ability to wear the strategic and tactical hats at the same time.  I found him to be a strong coach to the trainers and judges, and a mentor to the staff and volunteer committee members" 


Geetha Balagopal

Program Manager, Team Excellence Awards

American Society for Quality

Our Goal
  • To address strategic business needs of your organization.


  • To help your organization close critical performance gaps.


  • Soft skills learnings to create an environment of problem solvers, coaches and mentors.​


  • To enable your employees to transfer and apply skills gained immediately to the workplace.





The Reality

Experience Is Not Enough


Talent, intelligence and the seasoning of experience have shaped the management capabilities for most of us.



However, there are three problems that result from depending on individual experience alone to develop leaders:


  1. It takes too long

  2. It can be random and incomplete in the lessons it provides

  3. It is usually based on what has been in the past


Whether the lessons learned come from successes or from failures they have the staying power and they build an expertise that goes far deeper than any management book or lecture.


Formal learning is not the only resource to draw on, but it will provide an important supplement to experience.


Transfer of Knowledge


"44% of organizations have no

knowledge-transfer process

in place and no plans to create one!!'

Training and Development Magazine 

Our workshops:


  • We do not teach theory.


  • We use practical examples and


  • We faciliate interactive learnings that will be immediately applied at the workplace.



At the Krompf group LLC


We always work together to customize our workshops to your specific needs, budget and culture!

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