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It all seems so simple.  It's just common sense.  So... why are there so many cases and awards?


Recent court and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) awards:

  • Government human services department: $1,200,000 race and gender discrimination

  • Mid West Medical Center: $900,000 age discrimination

  • Major warehouse and distribution company:  $500,000 refusal to promote a qualified female

  • and it goes on and on!


Many organizations take a reactive approach and throw training at the problem after the fact. the Krompf group LLC will help you to take the proactive approach. Below are just some of the learnings we have facilitated: 



Sensitivity In The Workplace - "The Basics"


  Our filters are different, our backgrounds are different, but when we cross the threshold into the workplace we need to be aware of how we treat each other.  But how?  Perception of ourselves and perception of others is the first step.


This interactive workshop will explore:

  • Examining And Monitoring Your Own Behavior

  • Do You Know Your “Blind Spots”?

  • Examining Your Communication Filter 

  • Embracing Sensitivity In The Workplace

  • Diversity And Sensitivity

  • How The Generations Effect Sensitivity


Documenting Performance


So many managers say that "documenting performance is a waste of time" until they feel that corrective action is needed and we find that there is NO documentation or the documentation is anecdotal not factual.


This workshop will help you to:


  • Discover how to write factual documentation

  • Recognize what to document

  • Understand why documentation is important

  • Leave you with a template for performance documentation


And many more..... 


  • Ethics in the Workplace

  • Human Resources Compliance - "The Basics"

  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Avoidance


We always work together to customize our 

workshops to your specific needs budget and culture!

Human Resources Compliance 

"Warren Krompf is a savvy, plain-talking easy-to talk with gentleman who knows HR, reads people like a book, and understands the needs of businesses. Warren is a well-qualified and experienced listener, investigator, advisor and teacher who works to understand what is really going on, investigates viable and cost-effective alternatives, recommends action items for improvement, and follows-up as appropriate.


As a valued member of our Team,  Warren gets the job done well everytime, and delivers concise, understandable, and valuable work product that is both on time and at a reasonable price. 


I recommend that anyone with an HR challenge or a desire to improve their workplace give Warren a call. Making that call will be a good use of your time.


Edwin C. Bull

President and  CEO

Burch & Cracchiolo, P.A.

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